Sierra Buttes Fire Tower

Took a trip a little town past Downieville to Sierra City, Ca where there is a fire tower..


OK the plan was to find the trail head and then park and hike up to the top of the mountain and get to the fire tower…

So I ended up giving cassie directions to the opposite side of the mountain that turned a road into a old mining trail.. we ended up driving up the mountain to an old gold mine that was abandoned and the road had ended. After exploring for a while we headed back down the mountain only to find we missed a turn that lead up and around the mountain. So we started up what turned out to be a little stressful for someone who has a fear of heights.

There was several times where I had to get out the jeep and direct Cassie around some obstacles that make the jeep come scary close to the edge but its not like we could have backed down. My BP going up this mountain was spiking because there was a black cloud following us and all  could think of was what if it down poured and this little trail turned to mud!


on our way down we found the right road to take that was sooo much safer and that didnt take 3 hours to drive.. took about 20 minutes to get down once we hit the right road.

Abandoned gold mine:


Parked the jeep here and it started snowing/icing










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